Workpackage 7 Quality in genetic counselling

Best Practice Guidelines supported by a tool for quality self-assessment for genetic counselling were developed by EuroGentest. They have now to be expanded into areas where genetic services are not yet well established, and in areas where non-genetic specialists undertake genetic counselling, e.g. in prenatal genetic testing (Skirton & Barr, 2009).  This work will build on the sets of core competences in genetics developed by EuroGentest for health professionals who are not genetic specialists (Coviello et al, 2007; Skirton et al, 2007).

In this project, the focus is thus shifted to the specific prenatal context, including NIPD.

Additional work will also include the development of guidelines and guidance for a system of ‘Training the Trainers’ workshops in counselling skills that are specifically required to support genetic testing in the clinical setting and to organise workshops. This activity will enable the professionals involved in screening programs to use traditional genetic testing quality criteria in large scale testing settings.

Finally, a set of guidelines for patients and health professionals on use of direct to consumer tests. It is timely to develop guidance for health practitioners to enable them to respond appropriately to patients who seek advice after undertaking a direct to consumer test.


WPLeader: Heather Skirton

Participants: Lyn Chitty, Alastair Kent, J. Sequeiros

More information on genetic counseling can be found here.

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