Summary for Unit 1: ”Laboratory Quality Management” (LabQM Unit)

Genetic tests have particular importance for several reasons:

  • They have implications not only for the individual being tested, but also for their relatives;
  • The results are valid for life, as every individual’s genetic makeup is determined at the moment of conception;
  • The results can be predictive of serious or fatal disorders in individuals who are still healthy;
  • Prenatal test results can determine the fate of a pregnancy.

The importance and implications of genetic tests place a heavy burden of responsibility on the services that perform them, to ensure that the results are correct.

EuroGentest2 Unit 1 aims to harmonize quality standards in medical genetics throughout Europe, and to encourage and assist medical genetic services in improving and maintaining their quality. These aims will be achieved via a number of specific activities and work packages which are described in these pages.


Unit 1 objectives

  • to help and encourage labs to implement a quality system
  • provision of sustainable and harmonized EQA for all genetic labs through National and European EQA
  • to facilitate access to and production of (certified) reference materials



Work package 1 Quality Management for Genetic Testing Laboratories

Work package 2 Databases for Genetic Testing Services

Work package 3 External Quality Assessment (EQA)

Work package 4 Control Materials (CM)



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