First EuroGentest Symposium on Reference Materials for Genetic Testing


From 29 Nov 2005
Until 30 Nov 2005


Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements


Tuesday 29 November, 2005
1300 Lunch  
1400 Welcome from the Chair Hendrik Emons
  Tour de table  
1410 -1530 EU Regulatory issues regarding RMs for Genetic testing Hendrik Emons & Philippe Corbisier
1410 Implementation of the IVD Directive in Genetic Testing John Brennan
1430 ISO Standardization of Clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnostic test systems (point of view) Klaus Stinshoff
1510 Discussion  
1530 Coffee  
1600 Patent issues in RMs for Genetic Testing Pierre Kihn
1620 Open Discussions
  Patents and RM Production
  Forming an EU working group on RMs for genetic testing
Wednesday 30 November, 2005, IRMM
0900 Welcome and introductions David Barton
0910 Definitions of Types of Reference Materials and Controls Philippe Corbisier
0920-1100 Needs of Stakeholders for Reference Materials for Genetic Testing
0920 European Genetic Testing Labs Christine Brady
0930 Coriell market surveys Jeanne Beck
  Short statements from Industry and Regulators:  
0945 Innogenetics Gonda Verpooten
0955 Roche Hubertus Stockinger
1005 Applera Michael Zoccoli
1015 Qiagen Edgar Setzke
1025 Affymetrix/IMCLGS Janet Warrington
1040 ISO Klaus Stinshoff
1045 LGC (UK) Helen Parkes
1050 FDA Zivana Tezak
1100 Coffee Break
1130-1300 Current situation as regards the availability & development of control materials for genetic testing
1130 Availability of RMs for Genetic Testing in Europe David Gancberg
1140 Development of RMs for Genetic Testing in Europe David Barton
1200 NIBSC Activities in RMs for Genetic Testing Elaine Gray/Paul Metcalfe
1215 Development of GTQC program Joe Boone
1225 GTQC QC materials development lisa Kalman
1245 Maine Molecular Quality Controls : a case study Clark Rundell
1300 Lunch  
1400-1530 Prioritization of Needs for Reference Materials for Genetic Testing
1400 Determining Needs and Ongoing Monitoring : The US Experience Bin Chen
1415 Criteria for Prioritization : EU Perspective David Barton
1430 International Meeting on Clinical and Laboratory Genomic Standards Janet Warrington
1445 Discussion of priorities for RM production  
1530 Coffee Break  
1600 Open Discussion/Future plans
  Discussion topics to include:
  • Joint EU/US effort
  • Formation of a Working Group
  • Joint needs assessment and monitoring
  • Interaction with IMCGLS
  • Logistical issues US/EU
1650 Plans for future EU and International Symposia
1700 Close

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